Meet Our Farmers


01 | La Capilla

Alipio Muñoz

Alipio has deep roots in coffee. His parents were coffee farmers and he grew up learning the lifestyle from them. He still believes there is tremendous opportunity in the industry for farmers who are willing to learn and adapt to what the market is demanding. Alipio embraces traditional techniques, but welcomes any input and guidance that will help produce coffee of an even higher quality. He’s looking for the right connections to develop strong relationships with customers.


02 | El Porvenir

Lucido Diaz

Lucido grew up in Putumayo and has always worked as a farmer. Once he settled in La Union, Nariño, he started growing coffee. He considers this a lifetime commitment and prides himself in his work. He is a believer in transparency, and hopes that establishing a direct relationship with customers will simplify the supply chain and result in better prices for the farmers.


03 | La Esperanza

Esperanza Bravo

Esperanza has worked with coffee for as long as she can remember. Everything she knows about it, she learned from her parents. While she wants to pass her roots in coffee on to her three children, she is aware that the current price of coffee is a major limitation. She understands the quality is the key to a successful future in the business, but often times the cost of production is greater than the revenue.

Esperanza is excited about our business model as it validates her decision to pursue higher quality at a higher production cost. She sees the opportunity to improve her family’s quality of life now while opening the door for her children to continue in the family business.


05 | Los Pinos

Colombia Portilla

Colombia inherited Los Pinos from her parents and raised her 3 children there as well. As a divorced mother, she relied on coffee production to provide for her family entirely. Her children helped on the farm while they were growing up, but now that they are all married with their own families, her brothers Hernan and Guillermo assist her during the harvesting season.

Colombia is still dedicated to her farm and wants to improve her drying installations. She intends to continue coffee production for years to come and is excited about the possibility to work hand in hand with roasters overseas.


06 | El Placer

Ruberto Martinez

As one of ten children, Tino was raised growing coffee alongside his siblings. He considers coffee farming a way of life, not just a job. It comes as no surprise that he is now continuing the tradition with his wife and three kids. He believes that relationships are the key to making the coffee industry sustainable and is committed to investing the time and effort needed so the generations to come will prosper while continuing the tradition.

El Naranjo | Evelio Bados

07 | El Naranjo

Evelio Bados

El Naranjo began over 35 years ago as just a vision. Evelio invested in an untouched lot and worked very hard to clear the land and eventually plant coffee. He was working double duty during this time as he was also employed at other farms in order to provide for his family. After watching his dream come to fruition, Evelio hopes that his children will continue his legacy and produce coffee at El Naranjo in the future. For this reason, he continues to look for opportunities that will allow for sustainability and improved quality of life. It is important to him that his children and El Naranjo are successful for generations to come.

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