Meet Our Farmers


08 | El Chupadero

Fernando Martinez

Fernando has a long history with coffee. He started working on coffee farms after finishing primary school, learning the necessary skills from his father. He now lives at El Chupadero with is wife, Daisy. Over the last 20 years they have been managing and improving the farm. Currently, Fernando is budgeting to add a warehouse area at the farm for increased storage and more controlled conditions.


09 | Las Cuchillas

Turgebiel Beltran

Raised in a neighborhood in Cauca, Turgebiel moved to La Union, Nariño before starting his family. He is now settled in with his wife and children at Finca Las Cuchillas. Committed to specialty coffee, Turgebiel is always looking for new ways or technology to improve the quality of his crops. He is hopeful that our relationship based business model will help to develop him further as a farmer. He is especially interested in improving his processing facilities with the help of outside knowledge, techniques, and feedback.


10 | Guayacanes

Segunda Erazo

Segunda inherited Guayacanes from her father, who also taught her everything she knows about coffee. She relied heavily on these skills to support herself and seven children when her husband passed away 20 years ago. Today, her children work beside her at Guayacanes. The farm provides not only the coffee harvest, but also bananas, avocados, and yuca for the family's consumption. Segunda is hopeful that the farm will continue to support her family for many generations to come.


11 | Campo Alegre

Martin Tapias

Martin takes great pride in the management of Campo Alegre. Upon visiting, it is evident that he has invested in a superior wet mill and quality marquesinas for wash processing and drying. Certain that his attention to every detail translates to an incomparable cup of coffee, Martin is just looking for the opportunity to prove it.


12 | El Porvenir

Roberto Cordoba

Roberto lives at El Porvenir with his wife, Emilse, and their three daughters. After his family, his passions include coffee and soccer. He is motivated to develop relationships within the marketplace as it will allow him to showcase his coffee. He believes providing the consumer with quality coffee for a fair price will create sustainability within the industry and ultimately result in improved quality of life for his family (and maybe more time to play soccer).


13 | Las Gradas

William Martinez

Growing up in the countryside, William worked at several coffee plantations. With the support of his father, he started planting his own coffee 15 years ago. Now he calls Las Gradas home along with his wife and two daughters. William has plenty of ambition and there are many upgrades he would like to make to his farm, starting with the addition of a wet mill. He currently uses one at a neighboring farm. The ability to earn a better price for his coffee has him hopeful that he can not only provide for his family but improve his farm as well.

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