Meet Our Farmers


20 | El Aguacate

Raul Bados

Raul has worked with coffee for 20 years and calls El Aguacate home with his wife, Mariela, and their two children. While he enjoys his life on the farm, he wants to give his kids an education- an opportunity he never had. Currently, his daughter Catherine, 21, is in college at the University of Nariño and Richard, 16, is in high school. While he would welcome either of them at the farm, he knows the younger generations are hesitant to pursue a career where the profit margins are so low or can even be negative. For now, Raul works hard tending to his 4,500 trees of the colombia and castillo varieties. He is continually trying to improve quality and foster a profitable business. His short term focus is supporting his family and his long term goal is creating a profitable business so his children might continue the legacy.


21 | Frandes

Rodrigo Narvaez

Rodrigo, his wife, and their four children call Frandes home. After decades in the industry, Rodrigo will be the first to tell you that the life of a coffee farmer is very difficult due to the labor intensive crop and low market prices. As a result, he has decided to focus on specialty coffee. This way he can spend his time better managing smaller quantities of coffee. He has already reduced his size by giving each of his children a small area of Frandes to begin their own coffee growing business. He is optimistic that this will allow everyone to produce at a higher quality and therefore lead to a sustainable lifestyle.


22 | El Aguante

Marcial Lopez

Marcial has worked with coffee for 30 years and loves his job. The last 20 of those years have been at El Aguante where he also produces corn, yuca, and other crops for the family's consumption. His love for farming, and coffee in particular, has manifested in his children and they hope to follow in his footsteps one day. We hope to play a role in making the business sustainable for these upcoming generations.


23 | Los Gigueros

Isolina Quintero

Isolina and her husband Ruben have a large family. Their 10 children grew up learning about coffee production and the farm has always provided for the family. As they grow older, they have given each of their children a small piece of land to continue in the family business. They are hopeful that coffee will continue to provide for their family for generations to come.


24 | Tola El Naranjo

Nancy Muñoz

Nancy, her husband, Horacio, and their three children live at Tola El Naranjo. While they have produced caturra variety coffee for generations, they now also grow sugarcane, yucca, and plantains for family consumption. Sadly, Nancy does not envision her children continuing the coffee growing legacy. The low, and often negative margins, have them looking to other industries for opportunities. Despite this, Nancy remains committed to the coffee industry. She remains hopeful that focusing on quality and developing strong marketplace relationships will be the key to sustainability.


25 | El Cajón

Carlos Castillo

El Cajón is home to Carlos, his wife, Rosa, and their three children. The whole family is involved in the farm and loves to grow coffee. A testament to their hard work and dedication, El Cajón has grown slowly from a small plot of land to what it is today. With all they have invested in the coffee industry, the family has decided to focus on the quality of their coffee in an effort to achieve some sustainability. They have started working with the geisha variety of coffee and are planning improvements to the farm including a new storage area and a new wet mill.

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