06 | El Placer

Ruberto Martinez
Honey, pastry, bakers chocolate, cherry
Washed, sun-dried
Castillo F4 and F11
1,800 meters
ETA October, 2023
Continental Terminals, New Jersey
As one of ten children, Ruberto was raised growing coffee alongside his siblings. He considers coffee farming a way of life, not just a job, so it comes as no surprise that he is now continuing the tradition.

El Placer is planted with 8,000 trees of the Castillo F4 and Castillo F11 varietals. Above average rainfall in both the 2021 and 2022 growing seasons has led to a considerable decrease in yields per tree. Ruberto laments that while the coffee trees flower, the excessive rain causes the flowers to fall off the tree before the nodes can develop into fruit. This leaves him, and other local farmers, with less coffee to sell.

He believes that relationships are the key to making the coffee industry sustainable. Through his commitment to investing the time and effort needed to produce consistent coffee, he aims to overcome the production variables. Ruberto hopes his quality focus will help El Placer prosper and encourage generations to come to continue the family farming tradition.