28 | La Paloma

Alfredo Piedrahita
Honey, sugar cane, milk chocolate, cherry
Castillo, Caturra
2,000 meters
Afloat – Under Contract – ETA May, 2022
Continental, New Jersey
Growing up at El Chupadero, Alfredo inherited his father’s passion for coffee. When the time came to purchase his own land, he chose to stay in the area known for its unique, fertile soil. However, his 18 years at La Paloma are not something to be taken for granted. In 2000, illegal groups came to the area. They killed several people including one of his brothers and one of his cousins. After enduring these hardships, there was hope of stability in the Colombian government’s peace treaty with the FARC. Unfortunately, different illegal groups are still interested in the illicit enterprises left behind in the wake of this treaty. 

We are particularly proud of the relationships developed around this coffee. For the fifth year in a row, the same roaster has purchased this lot. Alfredo works hard to continually provide a great product and the customers know who they are supporting and where their coffee is from. We love being able to bring people together over a cup of coffee.

Last year we had the opportunity of introducing Alfredo to the roaster that has been buying his coffee. Unfortunately we were unable to make it to La Paloma due to security concerns, but we arranged for a meeting in the town of Ituango. We had the opportunity to share and enjoy his excellent coffee with all the people that make it possible. It was a memorable cup of coffee!