154 | El Plan

Milton Ortiz
Floral, berries, honey
Pink bourbon
2,100 meters
Continental, New Jersey
Milton’s family has lived in Santa Marta, Nariño for generations. When his grandfather passed away, his father and 10 siblings each received a small piece of land as part of his grandfather’s will. El Plan was a part of that distribution and Milton eventually purchased it from one of his aunts.

Coffee is the primary crop at El Plan and there are several varietals planted including Pink Bourbon, Caturra, and Colombia. Milton also produces beans, corn, yuca and plantains for the family’s consumption. In the future, he plans to build a new storage space dedicated solely to coffee. This way he can store it separate from his other crops and farming supplies.

Milton lives with his wife, Janet, and their two children, Tatiana and Adrian, at El Plan. They each play a big role on the success of the farm, as they all help with the harvest season. Milton believes that the children may continue the family’s coffee farming legacy in the future, but considers providing them with an education a priority. He wants them to have the opportunity to pursue other endeavors, but would be proud to have them come back to their coffee roots.