145 | Progreso

Andres Muñoz
Bright, floral, berries, honey
Pink Bourbon
2,100 meters
Sold out
Continental, New Jersey
At 2,100 meters above sea level, Progreso is in the clouds. This elevation has allowed Andres to grow healthy Pink Bourbon and Caturra varietals as the cooler climate helps protect the plants from common diseases. His success with the Pink Bourbon varietal led him to phase out his Caturra trees completely. Progreso fully transitioned to Pink Bourbon trees about 4 years ago.

Andres has worked with coffee for as long as he can remember. For 15 years, he traveled to the state of Huila to work as a cherry picker during the harvest season, eventually saving up enough money to start his own farm. He got right to work planting trees at Progreso, which also became home to him, his wife, Diana, and their two kids.

After a bad experience with the low prices of commercial coffee, Andres decided he only wanted to work with specialty coffee. He stopped focusing on quantity and shifted towards better varietals with a focus on learning and implementing techniques to produce high quality coffee. While he works just as hard to produce less coffee, he is proud of the quality and that he can sell it for a price that reflects the effort he puts into each harvest.